Choosing the Right Helmet
by: Maricon Williams

Perhaps every rider has been entangled in a situation when he shelled out big bucks for a quality helmet just to replace his old stinker of motorcycle apparel. So the question now is how you qualify quality? It needs a kin eye and feel to make the right choice. A rider must also know his personal needs as a rider. Let us tackle it one by one…

Mis-fitted helmet is obviously risky because of its safety, and other annoying problems. To mention a few they are discomfort, obstructed vision, goggles rammed down, increased susceptibility to fogging, impeded nasal breathing, and at most can even precipitate a crash.

Buying without first trying it on is pretty risky because you have know clear idea whether it will fit you well. According to statistics, majority of helmets are mis-sized. Sixty percent of which is too big for the riders. Sizes vary depending on the helmet brands. Another thing is that, even if you happen to fit the lid, liners might eventually break-in or settle. Thus, fit may change dramatically.

Nowadays, there are wide varieties of helmets that come with removable liner parts. With regards to off-road helmets there are also removable liner systems. Using different liners within like shells makes helmet sizes. Therefore, different sizes can share same shells with varying thickness liners yet yield the ‘perfect fit’.

Arai, for one, is offering helmet models with removable liners in different sizes aiming for customization. Its shells are comprised of three removable parts – the ear cups, top pad and side pads. By interchanging these parts, a rider can achieve his goal for a right fit.

With regards to Bell, Moto 6 has two basic shell sizes. Removing and interchanging inner liners can result to other sizes.

Shoei, on the other hand, has four different shell sizes. Same with Moto 6, it offers one-piece removable liner. Nevertheless, it offers separate ear/cheek pads. Shoei’s liners can only be interchanged with common shells.

The rest of the manufacturers and helmet lines also offer the same fitting schemes. The best advise I can give you is to personally buy your helmet and fit it. That way you are sure with your choice.. Remember that you are going to use it in your every ride so choose it meticulously.

Maricon Williams

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