Inexpensively Protect Your Automotive Investment with a Car Cover
by: Dwayne Wright

You’ve just purchased your dream car. After many months (or even years) of saving, you are now driving home from the car dealership and you suddenly realize, “How am I going to protect my new investment”. If you don’t have the luxury of keeping your car inside of a garage, a car cover will help protect your automobile, both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Even if you do keep your car in a garage, but don’t drive it very often, a car cover is still quite beneficial. It will keep dust particles from sticking to you vehicle and potentially damaging your car’s paint job. A car cover protects your car from the elements in all four seasons. It will prevent the snow from damaging your vehicle in the winter months and keep the sun’s damaging UV rays away from your car’s finish in the smoldering summer months.

When shopping for a car cover, it is important to look for products that are water repellent not waterproof. The difference between the two types is breathability. Occasionally water will get trapped underneath the car cover. If the car cover is not breathable, condensation will form causing the car cover to rot and possibly ruin the vehicle’s paint job. Waterproof covers are generally cheaper than their water repellent counterparts, leading consumers to believe that they are a better deal. To truly protect your car from factors both inside and outside of the car cover, stay away from the cheaper waterproof car covers and limit your selection to water repellent car covers only.

For the best protection possible, a custom car cover for your vehicle is highly recommended. While a custom cover is generally more expensive, it provides the best fit for your car. It not only offers you the best convenience in terms of ease of use (putting the cover on and taking the cover off), it also offers you the best protection against the elements.

No matter what type of car cover you decide to purchase, the price of the cover mainly depends on the type of vehicle you have. Larger covers for trucks and SUVs are typically more expensive than covers for sedans and coupes. A high-quality car cover can run from as little as $75 to as high as several hundred dollars. A custom car cover will cost you a little more than a ready-fit cover. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to protect your new investment, a car cover is the way to go. Whether you choose a custom car cover made specifically for your vehicle or a ready-fit cover, you’ll be happy 5 years down the road when your car still looks brand new.

Dwayne Wright is an automotive enthusiast with over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry. Visit his site at to find a custom auto dealer in your area.



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