Learning To Drive, And Tips On Arriving Safely
by: George Gabriel

Parents find it hard teaching their kids how to drive. Also, a lot of parents cannot afford to put money out for driving lessons, so they have no choice, but to teach their kids how to drive. Sometimes it's hard for the friend or family member to teach a new driver, because of the lack of patience. Most people should refrain from yelling at their new student. Driving lessons from a recognized school will help calm the nerves.

A lot of parents and or family member pass on bad driving habits. You have take in consideration that your parent or older brother or sister have been driving for quite sometime and may be a safe driver, but have picked up bad driving habits over the years, and is not in tune with the way the examiner has to consider giving you a new drivers license. Rolling stops at stop signs, backing up and looking forward, and not signaling at turns is not going to win you brownie points with your examiner, when you decide to take the road test. The marking may be pretty stern if you have picked up habits that have little or no consideration for pedestrians, or other drivers. Also having too much consideration could be equally as bad to.

Can you picture stopping on a roadway where there is no crosswalk, and you wave a pedestrian across. Now picture this. The car behind you does not realize why you are stopping, and decides to go around you. Can you imagine the potential danger the pedestrian can be in? Do not give the right of way, if it's your right of way! If you do decide to stop and wave anybody across your path, make sure you know what is going on behind and around you. Just remember when you do something out of the ordinary, its for a good reason only.

You’re written exam was not to see how good your memory is, but to be able to apply that memory on the road with knowledge of what street signs mean.

Yellow signs are warnings; white and black signs are regulation signs. Green signs are for tourist, or directional signs. You should always be glancing for these signs at all times. The signs are located on the right side of the roadway. Check for them on every turn and before every curve. You’re chances of you getting caught in a bad situation will escalate if your not paying attention to these signs. Paying attention to these signs will forewarn you of a dangerous curve ahead or a pedestrian crosswalk. Quick glances for signs on the right side of the roadway will increase you’re good driving habits. Glancing from side to side and in your mirrors is very important.

Now how many times did I repeat the word glancing? The most common excuse for a driver in an accident, but officer it happened so fast! The second you turn you’re head to look, is the second the vehicle stops in front of you!

Equally important is being able to register everything and make a decisive decision before you get there. Paying attention to what is happening directly in front of you’re vehicle is of most importance, and knowing what is happening behind you is equally important.

Knowing that driving is a privilege, and can be taken away at any time, is half the battle. I like to think of driving as a long-term game. There are rules and regulations in every game. If you abide by them, driving can be quite enjoyable. The idea of the game is to not hit anybody! Do not let anybody hit you! Defensive driving is what it is called.

The deadliest player in this game is the drinking driver! So report anyone that you see getting in a vehicle intoxicated or weaving in his or her lane. You may save a life or two.

George Gabriel

Owned and operated a driving school for several years. Taught over 2000 kids and older people how to drive. Now operating a golf tee time site at http://www.golfanchor.net.



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