How to Find the Best Credit Cards
by: Morgan Hamilton

Finding the best credit cards in today’s world can be a bit challenging. Although you may receive hundreds of credit card applications in your mailbox each year, not all of them are worth your time and energy. To find the best credit cards, you should use a general checklist when examining each application. By using this checklist you can guarantee that you know exactly what type of credit card you are applying for and what to expect after you are approved.


Many people sign up for credit cards without realizing they may be overlooking hidden charges. Credit card companies have the right to charge new cardholders a one-time enrollment fee. This fee can cost as much as $40 in some cases. Most of the time this fee is only explained in the tiny print on the back of the application. With most applicants neglecting to read all of the print, they never know about the fee until the first bill arrives.

Another fee that many credit card companies charge is a monthly or yearly cardholder fee. This fee is one that is automatically charged to your credit card each month or year. It is in addition to any finance charges and other fees. It is simply a fee that you pay to have the credit card. Even if you do not make any charges for the entire year, you will still be charged this fee. The best credit cards available are those that have no fees. These “no fee” credit cards can be found if you look and read the applications carefully. Many credit card companies are even beginning to advertise themselves as being “no fee” companies. There is no reason you should pay unnecessary fees when you can get other the best credit cards without fees. So, be sure you are reading the fine print and asking questions before you get a new credit card.

Interest Rates

Anyone who has ever had a credit card knows about interest rates. The best credit cards are those that have a low interest rate. Many credit cards will charge up to 21% interest on all purchases. This makes it very difficult for many cardholders to ever pay off their credit cards. The best credit cards have interest rates lower than 15%. Some credit cards will even allow you a lower interest or no interest on purchases paid off in less than 30 days. It can certainly be to your advantage to use these options some of the best credit cards offer. If you want to try to get your interest rate lowered, simply call your credit card company and request a rate change. If you have been a good cardholder then companies with the best credit cards will take your request seriously. Remember, the best credit cards are not necessary those with the highest spending limit. There are other behind the scenes factors you should certainly consider. Hidden fees and high interest rates can haunt you and your credit for years. Be sure to check these things out before even applying for a new credit card. You will be glad you researched the best credit cards and your pocketbook will be glad as well.

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