Tips for Using Business Credit Cards
by: Morgan Hamilton

Business credit cards are some of the most popular. With more and more companies needing credit cards for their day to day operation, they are turning to credit cards that cater specifically to businesses. Business credit cards are perfect for the small or large business owner. They are a great way to get business discounts and deals. Business credit cards also offer reward programs and introductory offers. When choosing and using business credit cards, think about the advantages below and spend wisely.

Interest Rates

Most business credit cards carry low interest rates. This is mostly due to the fact that businesses have great credit and carry little risk to credit card companies. Therefore, you should never apply for business credit cards with high interest rates. Normal interest rates for business credit cards fall between 9% and 15%. Shop around for the best rates, especially if you keep high balances.

Credit Lines

Business credit cards usually carry much higher credit lines than the average credit card. With something like a business seen as collateral, credit card companies can afford to offer high credit lines. If you need a high credit line for day to day business, consider a business credit card.


Some business credit cards offer discounts at other businesses. For example, some business credit cards will give you up to 10% when you use them at office supply stores, gas stations, airports, or flower companies. The list will vary with each individual card, so be sure to check it out. This is a great way for you to save money as well as get things you already need.

Employee Cards

If you are an owner or manager of a business, you should look for business credit cards that allow you to give your employees cards. This is best for large businesses. With the best business credit cards, you can set different limits for each employee based on their individual needs. This allows you to be in control of any spending that comes through on any business credit cards each month.


Business credit cards usually have rewards programs that cater to the business lifestyle. For instance, many business credit cards have flight points reward systems. These allow you to accumulate a certain amount of points per purchase and redeem them for flight fares. These are a great way to pay for an extra flight a year. With flights being so expensive, you can bet this perk of the business credit cards comes in handy. By using your business credit cards often and paying the balances on time, you can get a lot back from your purchases. With business discounts alone, you can save your company a bundle. Also, the rewards programs always add up the end, especially with business credit cards. So, be sure to choose a fitting card and start using it today!

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