Why Creating Your Own High-Profit Info-Products Is The Key To Unlocking Wealth On The Internet
by: Tuks Engineer

Prestige, wealth and future prosperity. These are just three of the benefits that go hand in hand with owning the rights to your very own info-product. The good news is that there are lots of individuals out there who have created nothing short of a fortune just by writing a good, functional eBook ? and then using ePublishing channels that are widely available to everyone (with a PC and internet connection) to sell to thousands of customers. Think you can?t do the exact same thing? Read on and you?ll discover that creating and selling your info-product successfully can be as easy as one-two-three.

It all starts with an idea. There are several ways of coming up with an idea for an information product that sells well. Is there some area of expertise that you can write about? Perhaps an occupation or hobby ? you would be genuinely surprised at how much information is inside that head of yours?information that other people would pay top dollar to access. An alternative to this is finding ?hot topics? that have markets of potentially millions of people. How do you find what these hot topics are? Take a quick peek at Amazons best-sellers and you have your answer. Remember ? you?re going to put a lot of effort into your information product ? so it?s vital that you research the potential market before expending a lot of your energy and time. It?s a real blow to your spirits to give everything to a project only to find out no-one aside you has any interest in it.

Once you?ve done the research and you?re convinced that once your swanky new info-product is released there will be a stampede of customers waiting to buy, you?re ready to actually create the product. Sounds daunting? Well it?s not really that difficult. First you?ll want to create a domain name (your book name) and find hosting for it ? these days you can get a domain name for the same price as a McDonalds happy meal (although granted, you?ll miss out on the toy). The domain?s main page will be your sales page ? highlighting the benefits of your product and then taking you onto a secured payment site where your customer can pay using a credit card.

Now you?re ready to create your actual book ? of course the length of the book will depend on the topic and other factors. A book on ?Every Internet Marketing Technique In The World? will probably be significantly more bulky than a book titled ?How To Make Wine From Home?. These days you should look to get your eBook into PDF format (recognised as the best format for creating professional electronic books). In the early days of info-product creation, a PDF eBook would cost several hundred dollars to produce ? but these days it?s possible to get hold of software that will spit out perfect PDFs in minutes. You simply create your book in word and let the software do the rest (I am assuming you don?t have a few hundred bucks spare to get hold of a copy of Adobe Writer here).

Great, you?ve created your eBook ? very soon you?ll be able to start receiving orders. But first you need to create your sales page. This is as crucial as making a high quality information product. Why? Because if your sales page is poor you?re finished - even if you wrote the best book in the world.

Entire books have been written on creating effective sales pages but a couple of simple points should be held in mind when you?re creating your sales page. For instance, communicate the benefits of your info-products, not just the features. You want to demonstrate to people just how your product will make their lives easier. Your sales page should have a very captivating message ? one that compels the reader to move onto the bulk of the sales letter.

Write the sales page with enthusiasm (not hype) and urge them to take action once they reach the end of the letter. If they leave?they probably wont return. You must try and capture the email address of your visitors ? that way you can offer a newsletter and keep your offer fresh in their minds. It?s also a proven fact that customers are far more likely to buy from you after seven contacts than after just one (it takes at least that long to establish trust). Spend a lot of time crafting your sales letter ? it is the difference between a gained and lost sale.

Now days it?s customary to have reasonably good cover graphics (an eBook cover/banners) and you have three options here. First learn how to create covers yourself (this can take a long time if you?ve never tried this before. Second, you can purchase click-and-point software to create good looking covers for you ? a great option as you are able to make perfect covers that are unique to your info-product. Finally, you can hire someone to design professional covers and graphics for you. Be warned however, this can be expensive and may not suit everyone?s budget.

You?ll also need a way of accepting payments online ? this is not nearly as scary as it sounds because with third party processors such as Paypal you can accept credit card payments in minutes. They handle everything ? accepting the payment on your behalf and you simply give them a small commission on the value of the sale. It costs nothing to set-up with Paypal and it?s one of the best option for new info-product creators.

Now that everything is set-up there?s the small matter of marketing your new info-product. How does one sum up info-product marketing strategies in one paragraph? It?s just not possible, but again this is critical to your success. Once you know the blueprint for marketing your info-products you can implement it again and again to make a stream of cash over and over again with each new product that you release. The blue-print involves using a very special mix of techniques using article postings (like this one), ezine advertising, online forums, pay per click and affiliate marketing. Get this right and your info-product will enjoy success and profits for many years into the future.

Just remember ? the first time you create your very own info-product may well turn out to be a real challenge (but trust me, you?ll get a lot out of it). Perseverance and faith will win the day. The second info-product you create will be done in far less time and will almost certainly yield higher profits. Keep at it and in a few short months you could have several info-products, all yielding net profits for you on a monthly basis ? this is the true secret to creating long term wealth on the internet.

Good Luck!

Tuks Engineer

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