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You've Made A Smart Choice to Check Out This Guide!

The Guide you have decided to check out is an excellent product that has been prepared by two very well-known and highly regarded experts in the Child Custody field. They are a husband and wife team (Dr. Barry Bricklin and Dr. Gail Elliot), both of whom have extensive resumes (check out their biographies using the link on the site). They have devoted a lot of time, and employed all of their expertise, to put these Guides together, and to keep them completely up-to-date.

Unfortunately, like many dedicated professionals, as good as they are in their fields of expertise, they seem to have absolutely no sense of Marketing Skills, or Web-site design, whatsoever! To be brutally honest, the website they have for these guides looks like it was designed by a high-school student back in about the year 2000 - and hasn't been touched since.

Now of course, this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the quality and the value of these Comprehensive Custody Guides (sort of like the old proverb "Never judge a book by it's cover"). Human nature being what it is, however, we have learned that a lot of people who see the site take one look at it and assume that the Guides are as "out of date" as the website itself - but nothing could be further from the truth!

The Guides themselves are absolutely jam packed with loads of useful, absolutely current, and vitally important information. Add to that the fact that they offer a Full 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction or you can receive a full refund, and you can begin to appreciate the great value that these Guides represent.

So with those thoughts in mind, please click on the image on the left side of this page for the guide of your choice - Women's Version, or Men's Version (or click below for the Grandparents' Guide), crank up the "way-back" machine to the early days of the 'net, and take a close look at all these Guides have to offer.

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