Better Results By Spending Less On Your PPC Campaign
by: Robin Dary

Finding the right keywords to choose for your pay-per-click campaign sounds easy, doesnít it? My site sells hiking boots Iíll buy the phrase hiking boots or my site focuses on computer repair Iíll buy the term computer repair.

Well, those are two very popular search terms. You could be competing for thousands of searches per day. What does that mean to you? That means those phrases are going to be expensive.

And because these phrases are so broad you may get visitors to your site but your conversion may not be good. A conversion is a purchase, click, subscription to your newsletter or some positive action by your site visitor.

Now letís say you define it further. And look at Merrell hiking boots, comfortable hiking boots, computer repair in Denver, Colorado, or spyware removal as your search terms. These terms will be cheaper and much more defined.

If your term is hiking boots and someone goes to your site looking for Nike and you donít sell it - youíve just paid for a wasted click. However, if you buy Merrell hiking boots someone coming to your site is specifically looking for that brand.

The same holds true for the computer example. If you offer spyware removal the person who clicks on your PPC campaign link to spyware removal will get exactly what they are looking for.

Google and Yahoo offer suggestions for search terms and also offers help with selecting search terms. This site,, will also help you select key words for your PPC campaign.

You may get fewer clicks in to our site this way but they will be more targeted. And more targeted clicks convert better.

Robin Dary is a marketing professional with experience in online and offline marketing. Her current project is A computer repair and resource site.



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