Google Adsense and Buying Traffic -
by: Charles Nevery

I have found in one of my recent studies that buying traffic and sending it to a page that has google adsense adís works very well under some circumstances. The click threw rate on your adsence will defiantly improve under certain guidelines that I have found experimenting and in turn your google adsense profit will increase a good amount.

When buying traffic in a successful manner keep in mind you have to buy us category targeted traffic and make please sure it is category targeted. So see a list of common categories go here -

Here is a list of things that I found work when buying traffic to improve google adsense profit. Make sure your site is in the entertainment field whether it be music, movies or a joke related website.

Purchase us category entertainment targeted traffic. The reason I say this category works is because I personally tested all of the categories. If you have a entertainment related website people are more likely to spend more time looking around and the more time they spend looking around the more chances your google adsense adís are going to be clicked on witch in turn makes it extremely profitable to spend $30.00 on 10,000 visitors to get 100 google adsense ad clicks.

A little hint keep your google adsense ad's at the top of your page and blend it with the layout so the links arenít recognized as adís but as hyperlinks to other pages on your website. Make sure the links are 100% relevant to the category of traffic you purchased and good luck I know it works so if you file these guidelines your adsence profits will increase.

Thank you,
Charles Nevery
Prosubmit LLC

Charles Nevery
President of internet marketing for 5 years with Prosubmit LLC



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