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The Real Australia
by: Cusion Delause

Australian vacations are great for extended holidays and summer fun particularly if you like the warmer weather. In fact, since Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere a hot summer in the United States will be a nice winter in the land down under. You might even think about taking an Australia cruise during this time of year. Take your swim suit, your sun cream and your spending money and you will bve all set for the trip of a lifetime.

When you first decide on taking an Australian holiday you will probably run into a challenge trying to decide where to go because the options are simply endless. There are so many great places to visit such as Sydney - the home of the Harbour Bridge, Melbourne - the home of AFL, Adelaide - teh City of Fine Wine and Alice Springs - the home of Ayers Rock. Don't get discouraged because you might be able to do more than you think since you will certainly be able to book cheap airline flights within Australia to get around the country while you are there.

Australian vacations offer something for everyone no matter where you end up traveling in the country. Sydney will enhance your sense of culture. Be sure and visit the Opera House. Melbourne is an extremely cosmopolitan city full of jumping clubs and great restaurants.

Other Australian vacations can take you into the outback where you can see the real Australia that you have only seen on television. The Aborigines live throughout the country too and have a culture well worth discovering. If you can take as much as a month in Australia then you will have the chance to really enjoy the experience. Nothing less than two weeks will do for your first trip to this diverse country.

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