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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Calvin and Hobbes occupy the place of honor at the top of this page. This strip is almost certainly the most clever, inventive, and entertaining strip that had come along in the last 50 years. The daily adventures of Calvin and his quantum tiger are exquisitely conceived and drawn. Bill Watterson's decision to end the strip was a cause for much consternation among those of us who treasured this wonderful world, but at least we do have the legacy of ten years of wonder to console us.

Those of you who feel as we do should certainly have on your shelves The Complete Calvin and Hobbes.   This beautifully presented three-volume set contains the entire arc of Calvin's adventures, preceded by a foreword written by Bill Watterson, in which he explains his reasons for ending the strip. If you enjoy following this strip, this set is a wonderful way to capture the entire world inhabited by a remarkable six-year old, and his fuzzy BFF.  If someone you know is a die-hard fan, this makes a wonderful gift. If you are the true fan, it is an indulgence that will reward you many times over.
Please Note: The following strips have now been updated:

Get Fuzzy
Pearls Before Swine
Prickly City
The Born Loser

The site: www.comics.com, is now back on line, and the missing strips have been loaded into the appropriate archive folders.

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